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Ubigene would love to free you from repetitive routine work. You can focus on more important research!
Ubigene provides services of plasmid construction, lentivirus packaging, and AAV packaging services for a variety of purposes, easily achieve gene KO, point mutation, and KI in vitro and in vivo. Ubigene has successfully generate stable cell lines from over 100 types of cell lines.
Check out our list of cell lines that we had successfully modified
Promotion time: 03.11.2020—05.11.2020
Service Turnaround Deliverable Price (USD)
Plasmid gRNA/Cas9 1-2 weeks E. coli stock 80
shRNA 1-2 weeks E. coli stock 80
Overexpression 2 weeks E. coli stock 249
Lentivirus gRNA/Cas9 3-4 weeks 1E+8TU 559
shRNA 3-4 weeks 1E+8TU 559
Overexpression 4-6 weeks 1E+8TU 928
AAV shRNA 4-6 weeks 1E+12GC 1490
Overexpression 5-7 weeks 1E+12GC 1690
Stable Cell Line shRNA 6-7 weeks 2 Vails (>1*10^6) 2980
Overexpression 6-8 weeks 2 Vails (>1*10^6) 3980
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