Knockdown Cell Lines

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Knockdown Cell Lines

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·    Knockdown Stable Cell Line    ·
The knockdown vector would be transferred into the cells by lentivirus transduction. After drug screening, WT cells die out and a positive cell pool obtained.

· Work Flow and Validation

· Available YSH plasmids

YSH series Vector Reporter gene; Selection marker
Lentiviral YSH plasmid YSH-LV001-shRNA EGFP/Puro
YSH-LV002-shRNA mCherry/Puro
YSH-LV004-shRNA mCherry/Neo
YSH-LV005-shRNA EGFP/Hygro
YSH-LV006-shRNA Puro
YSH-LV008-shRNA mCherry
YSH-LV009-shRNA Luciferase/Puro

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